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We always appreciate support and each year we contact Maltese brands and businesses to get involved. As we grow, so does our reach and we're happy to chat about how we can help your brand in return. Head over to 'contact' and drop us an email.

Thanks to all of the fantastic companies who have supported us including Trackage Scheme, XFM Malta, PRS for Music, Casumo, KREA, Amrita, RIG Equipment, Beauty Plus by Myriam, ROCKNA, No Sweat Productions, Panda Design, EC Language Schools, Success Express Music, Scenic Sets, Tal Ostja, NC Design, Furban, The Arts Council Malta, Maltese Food 2uk, Kinnie, Cisk, Rejects, Sun Sounds and Zion bar


If you are an artist with Maltese roots or know of one that is, send them our way and drop us an email. Always remember to send a link straight to somewhere that we can hear you and we'll get back to you. 

Here are a bunch of super talented bands, all hailing from Malta who have performed at Malta takes London previously. We thought they were awesome, the crowds agreed so we're sure you'll find a new artist to add to your playlist...

Rob Harbour | Cryptic Street | Neon Islands

Jack's Fusion | Canvas Wall | Bila

Ben Vincenti | nosnownoalps | Federica

Berne | Beesqueeze | Yews 

I am Willow | Nbome | Fuzzhoneys

The Ranch | Brodu | Michael Bugeja

The Busker | TARA | Pyramid Suns 

Dana McKeon 


Whether you're in a band, a company that wants to get involved, stage savvy or have some free time to be part of the team bringing MTL to life each year, get in touch by email here